The Center for Life Calling develops its programs around key values:

  • All persons have a life calling.
  • Every individual is unique.
  • The uniqueness of every individual compels us to appreciate diversity.
  • People need to pursue life based on a purpose.
  • We should build our lives based on our strengths.
  • Life planning is a critical tool for effective living.
  • A servant paradigm is the only valid paradigm for true leadership.
  • All have the potential for personal leadership even if they are not in positional leadership.
  • Excellence and quality should characterize all we do.
  • Collaboration and partnership are the best way to achieve our goals.
  • Life calling and leadership are integrated concepts interacting symbiotically.
  • Experiential learning is the most effective way to learn about life calling and leadership.

Center for Life Calling

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Phone: 765-677-2520