Overview and Delivery

Program Overview

The Indiana Wesleyan University Virtual MBA program has the same content you would expect in any quality accredited on-campus or online MBA. But that is where the similarity ends. In this MBA, you will sharpen your knowledge, skills, and credentials as you learn from company managers, employees, vendors, customers, and competitors while rotating through the departments of a virtual-reality company and marketplace.

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The Tools for Excellence

IWU's Virtual MBA program teaches you to become a better decision maker by helping you to master cutting-edge business disciplines. During the program, you will learn how to integrate and apply functional and practical knowledge in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and operations. You will graduate from the IWU Virtual MBA program with the critical thinking and analysis skills to solve the many complex problems you are sure to face in the business world.

V-Learning™: A Dramatic Improvement

IWU's Virtual MBA program utilizes V-Learning™ technology. V-Learning™ courses are something like futuristic textbooks that allow the students to step through the cover and enter into a real-world simulation where they learn by instruction, explanation, observation, practice, feedback, and testing, just as they would on the job. V-Learning™ reawakens the imagination and draws on the power of story to engage cognition and affect. It frees the teacher to be a mentor and coach to those who need it most. It restores the adventure of learning and the fun of teaching. (V-Learning™ is a registered trademark of Vertical Learning Curve.)

Program Delivery

Unlike brick-and-mortar or even standard Internet-based MBA programs, the virtual classroom is a unique virtual-reality environment based on a real-life manufacturing corporation. Almost all of the materials you need, including reading materials, are accessed through this unique setting.

The Executive Management and International Business Virtual MBA programs are offered on a new, cutting-edge technology platform. A high-speed Internet connection (>400 kbps recommended) is required.

The Virtual MBA uses a virtual-reality setting to create an intense, interactive, experiential learning context. Instead of using these techniques as occasional features, they are constant. Instead of scattered, unrelated exercises, the Virtual MBA presents a consistent real-world, on-the-job-training context in which knowledge and skills can be transferred to the student.


The best way to get a feel for the Virtual MBA program is to check out the free 30-minute orientation course. This orientation is a requirement for any student entering the program.

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