The Virtual MBA degree program requires the completion of 36 credit hours. It utilizes a mastery learning concept that prohibits students from proceeding through a course until they demonstrate competency. Each course consists of multiple modules. Students must get over a competency hurdle in each module before they can move on.

There are six primary processes of learning in each Virtual MBA course:

  1. Observation of the work of Central Products Company managers and employees as well as fellow students.
  2. Explanation through training and instruction by the Central Department Manager, the virtual professor, and assigned readings.
  3. Application of the student's knowledge to problems and case studies within the Central Products Company and the market and industry context. These are assigned by the manager, virtual professor, or university professor.
  4. Mentoring through feedback, instruction, and correction by the virtual professor, personal guide, and university professor when the student is not getting things quite right or additional perspective is deemed necessary. The student also receives real-time feedback from the "performance gauge" and periodic Performance Appraisals.
  5. Testing and Review accomplished both in the Central Products Company context and through more traditional-looking tests (competency hurdles) at the end of each module.
  6. Contextualizing done via the cohort mentoring experience where students interact with one another and learn from practicing professionals.

The Virtual MBA has two specialization options: Executive Management and International Business.

Similar to performance evaluations in an OJT context, course assessment occurs in real time. Student input provides IWU and the professors with a powerful tool to determine where problems exist in the courses.

View a short vignette titled "International Business Globalization Affects Us All" by clicking on the following video.

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