The IWU Virtual MBA Program

In today's competitive business environment, distinguishing yourself from the crowd requires gathering every skill you can and developing proficiency for thinking "outside the box." Increasingly, companies are using an MBA to qualify employees when considering them for advancement.

Earning an online MBA degree with Indiana Wesleyan University school of business proves your mettle as a power-achiever. When you choose the Virtual MBA degree from IWU, you choose a degree completion program that efficiently teaches you the traditional disciplines: economics, finance, marketing and management. More importantly, as a Christian university, IWU's MBA students are distinguished by their commitment to values-based living.

Earn Your International MBA

IWU's newest MBA offerings are very distinct from other online MBA programs. These Virtual MBA programs use advanced technologies comparable to Second Life® and other virtual world and gaming applications. The two virtual programs include an international business and  executive management specialization. You will become a trainee in a virtual-reality company designed around an actual manufacturing company.

These accredited, 25-month program options are especially good for the motivated student. Although it takes only 36 credit hours of graduate program coursework, the courses are demanding and require a high amount of personal commitment. With flexibility to fit your schedule through distance learning, this may be the perfect MBA to fit your needs.

Where Your Integrity Empowers Your Business Excellence

IWU believes that students in the online MBA program must strive for a balance between scholarship and personal growth. Throughout our curriculum, students are encouraged to realize the best in themselves and to trust that they can change the world around them for the better. With the business world as volatile as it is today, your choice of an online MBA program that supports your commitment to living ethically and morally will increase your value to potential employers. Companies are reaching out to people who emphasize character, honesty, integrity, and other rare leadership qualities in their daily lives.

The IWU Difference

The IWU degree you will receive upon completing the Virtual MBA program is no different from an IWU degree earned onsite - in appearance, prestige, or value. With a curriculum that stresses both traditional standards of instruction and the integration of 21st-century Internet management methods and technologies, no wonder more and more students are turning to Indiana Wesleyan University to become business leaders and world changers.

If you are in the work force and find your career stalled after stopping at the Bachelor’s level, a Master’s in business from IWU could help you advance up the career ladder.

If you are interested in earning an MBA in international business, or any of the adult education programs at IWU, contact us at 866-GO-TO-IWU for more information.


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