Admission Requirements

Applicants to any program within the School of Educational Leadership will be required to sign a disclosure of information waiver giving any prior institutions the applicant may have attended permission to supply IWU representatives all information relevant to the applicant's fitness for teacher training or licensure recommendation, including but not limited to his/her conduct, standing, or reputation while attending said institutions. Any information obtained may be considered by IWU in its decision whether or not to admit an applicant, to permit his or her continuance in a program, or to recommend him/her for licensure.

All applicants must have:

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college with a grade point average of at least 3.00; or Both a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college with a grade point average of at least 2.50 and five years of professional experience (i.e., professional experience related to the content area in which the applicant seeks licensure); or A graduate degree (does not apply to TTT Elementary Education applicants).
  • Passing CASA scores or Approved Alternative scores (as established by the Indiana Department of Education) for reading, writing, and math. The following additional assessments are acceptable to document basic skills, competency:
    • Total Praxis I composite score of at least 527 if taken before September 1, 2013
    • ACT with a score of at least 24 based on Math, Reading, Grammar, and Science
    • SAT with a score of at least 1100 based on Critical Reading and Math
    • GRE with a score of at least 1100 based on Verbal and Quantitative
    • Anyone with a Master's Degree from a regionally accredited institution is exempt
  • Minimum scores of "3" or higher on a required Candidate Disposition Admission Survey; personal and professional (based on a four point scale).
  • Applicants seeking licensure in Spanish will successfully demonstrate competence in oral Spanish communication skills via recorded process that is assessed by IWU approved Spanish speakers using a scoring rubric.  A minimum classification of "Advanced Low" is required for admission to the program.

Completion Requirements

The Transition to Teaching program can recommend candidates for licensure in the following areas:

Elementary Generalist K-6

Grades 5-12 - Life Science, Chemistry, Economics, Government and Citizenship, Psychology, Historical Perspectives, Sociology, Language Arts, Mathematics, Health Education, and Spanish.

Grades P-12 - Physical Education, Vocal and General Music, Instrumental and General Music, and Visual Arts. (Those seeking P-12 licensure in these areas should enroll as a TTT secondary teaching candidate).

To be eligible to be recommended for licensure a candidate must:

  • Complete all course requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and no grade lower than a "B-."
  • Pass all clinical experiences with a grade of "Credit."
  • Provide passing scores for all state required licensures examinations.
  • Provide a state approved criminal history check (required for student teaching and licensure).

Licensure Requirements

  • Upon University confirmation of program completion, the license advisor will send licensure application instructions to candidates.
  • Candidates must provide a copy of a valid CPR certification, as mandated by the Indiana Department of Education.
  • The link to the IWU Licensure website

Clinical Experience Requirements

Field Experience:

  • All TTT candidates in both the elementary and secondary programs must complete four, 10-hour field experience assignments embedded in four core courses.
  • All assignments for field experiences will be arranged by the Office of Clinical Experiences. Candidates are not to contact any school or attempt to secure their own field experience assignment at any time.
  • All core course work prior to either EDUT 590 or EDUT 595 must be complete with a minimum grade of no less than "B-" in each core course to be eligible to student teach.

Student Teaching:

  • All TTT candidates in both the elementary and secondary programs must complete nine weeks of full-time student teaching
  • Any candidate absences must be made up within the time frame of the student teaching course. Should a candidate not be able to meet the required hours and weeks associated with the student teaching placement, the candidate may petition the TTT Program Director for an extension of time.
  • All placements for student teaching will be made by the Office of Clinical Experiences. Candidates are not to contact any school or attempt to secure their own student teaching assignment at any time.
  • Once a student teaching placement has been finalized, it can only be changed by approval of the Office of Clinical Experiences. The candidate must supply sufficient evidence to warrant such change.
  • At the request of the cooperating P-12 school's administration, the University faculty, or University administration, a candidate can be removed from a student teaching assignment at any time for immoral or inappropriate conduct.
  • The TTT Program Director may remove a candidate from a student teaching experience for the candidate's failure to satisfactorily perform the requirements of the student teaching experience. Input from the university faculty and administration and the cooperating teacher will be sought before removing the candidate.
  • Removal from a student teaching experience may result in the candidate being permanently withdrawn from the program. A grade of "No Credit" will be issued for the student teaching course.
  • If a candidate repeating a student teaching course does not receive a satisfactory grade, the candidate will be withdrawn permanently from the Transition to Teaching program and will be ineligible to reapply.
  • Any candidate who is being considered for removal from a student teaching experience has the right to appeal that decision pursuant to the policies of the College of Adult and Professional Studies.

NOTE:All field experience and student teaching requirements must be completed within the state of Indiana. Also, state regulations may prohibit licensure for individuals who have ever been convicted of a crime of violence or of any crime that has a direct bearing on the ability to teach competently.

Computer Requirements

Students are expected to possess a computer throughout the duration of their program. Student computers must be able to run a supported browser for Pearson LearningStudioStudents should be able to produce, send, and receive documents that are compatible within the two most recent offerings of Microsoft Office to complete most of the assignments. IWU will offer support to students on only these two offerings of office software. Computer and internet connection may need to be fast enough in some courses to watch streaming videos, participate in live meetings, upload large files, install software, and listen to audio lectures.

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