Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Credentialing

The ACSI Credentialing and Renewal Program at Indiana Wesleyan University is a non-degree, non-certificate program that provides graduate level coursework to individuals seeking to obtain an Association for Christian Schools International (ACSI) standard teaching credential or renewal. The program consists of seven (7) credit hours for individuals seeking to teach in a domestic ACSI member school and ten (10) credit hours for individuals seeking to teach in an international ACSI member school. The required coursework satisfies all criteria established for an ACSI standard teaching credential (i.e., six credit hours of Bible coursework and one credit hour of Christian philosophy). Individuals teaching in an international ACSI member school complete an additional three-credit-hour course on faith integration. There is no field experience required for this program.

Indiana Wesleyan University provides all required coursework for the ACSI standard teaching credential through an accelerated, online learning system utilizing our adult learning cohort model. The program takes approximately six months to complete for individuals teaching in a domestic ACSI member school and approximately 10 months to complete for individuals teaching in an international ACSI member school. Individuals teaching in any ACSI member school receive a 20% tuition discount. IWU's program allows individuals to earn graduate-level credits while satisfying the criteria established by ACSI for the standard teaching credential.

ACSI Program Includes:

  • A special 20% discount with the ACSI Credential Package.
  • Program completion within 6 months.
  • ACSI educator renewal credit.

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ACSI Credentialing Program - Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Credentialing program is to prepare teacher leaders to provide advanced knowledge that translates into effective teaching performances and dispositions, all of which are focused on improving P-12 student learning in private Christian schools.
The purpose of the program is to provide a course of study leading to an ACSI teaching credential that meets the professional needs of practicing Christian school teachers. Outcomes and expectations associated with this credentialing program are:

  • Providing influence for positive individual growth and school change.¬† Candidates are proficient in teacher leadership to help individual peers, to influence professional learning communities, to improve building-level instruction, to impact school culture, and to cause meaningful school change and improvement.
  • Understanding and interacting with individual learners as individual learners. Candidates are proficient in providing differentiated instruction to individual learners, regardless of unique academic need across the ability spectrum from special education to gifted education.
  • Leading curricular change. Candidates are proficient in curriculum development and implementation; knowledge of curriculum and subject matter is used to create positive change in classrooms, schools and districts.
  • Implementing instructional effectiveness. Candidates are proficient in the knowledge, dispositions and skills needed for effective teaching; effective teaching results in successful student learning.
  • Managing classroom learning. Candidates manage the classroom learning environment to create success for all students.
  • Practicing reflective assessment. Candidates manage their continued learning and professional development through continuous reflection about their teaching knowledge, dispositions, skills and practices.
  • Building learning networks. Candidates create professional partnerships to create learning opportunities for themselves and their students.
  • Complying with legal obligations. Candidates fulfill all legal requirements in the performance of their teaching duties.
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