Near the end of the Principal Licensure Program, candidates will need to schedule a time to take Indiana's building level administrator exam. There is a separate fee for this test paid directly to the test provider. Throughout the program, activities are conducted by instructors to provide interns with information and practice on items similar to those that will appear on the exam.


When students have successfully completed the requirements of the Principal Licensure Program,have passed Indiana's building level administrator exam, and have met all other requirements of the Indiana Department of Education, they may complete an application process through which the University will recommend to the Indiana Department of Education's Office of Educational Licensing and Development (OELD) for the Indiana P-12 Building Level Administrator's license.

To determine if licensure from the state of Indiana will be accepted by another state, or what additional requirements might be needed for its acceptance, the student is responsible for contacting the appropriate state licensing agency.


The Indiana Department of Education has a School Personnel Job Bank that lists current principal and other building administrative openings in schools across the state.


IWU's Center for Life Calling and Leadership on the main campus in Marion is staffed with men and women trained to give and interpret personality and preference tests at no charge. A Life Coach will spend time with you to help you better understand different aspects of your personality and give you advice on what aspects of teaching and education administration you are best suited for.

The center can be reached at 765-677-2520.

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