Careers for the MPA Graduate

The MPA program prepares students to work in leadership and management roles at many different organizations that serve the public good. There are thousands of different career paths students can choose from once they have earned their MPA degree.

As local, state, or federal employees, MPA graduates manage city departments, conduct policy research, evaluate or implement public policy, draft legislation, develop alternative strategies aimed at addressing public sector problems, develop and administer budgets, and advocate for public services.

Today’s public sector involves a complex organizational network that includes more than just government. Whereas a career in public service once meant only governmental employment, today the connections among and between governments, nonprofits, private sector companies, and universities are stronger than ever. Therefore, professionals with MPA degrees are found in many different kinds of organizations that intersect with government at some level. For example, many private sector companies such as consulting firms and corporations that contract with government agencies need MPA graduates who are well-versed with governmental operations and industry-specific policies.

Since local, state and federal governments as well as private sector companies hire those with an MPA degree, career possibilities for MPA graduates are endless.

Job Prospects

Examples of jobs available to MPA graduates.

  • Assistant City Manager
  • Assistant to the Mayor
  • Municipal Chief Administrative Officer
  • Economic Development Officer
  • Director of Public Works
  • Governmental Liaison
  • Research Associate
  • Legislative aide
  • Public Policy Researcher/Analyst/Associate
  • Lobbyist
  • Consultant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Municipal Clerk
  • Court Clerk
  • Procurement Officer
  • The MPA degree is designed to develop in students the professional skills necessary to confront society’s most important problems. Rooted in the social science disciplines, the MPA degree builds knowledge and understanding of public service as well as the effective management of public organizations, ultimately providing flexibility in terms of career choices based on each student’s individual strengths and interests.

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