Addictions Studies Center

The Addiction Studies Center (ASC) at Indiana Wesleyan University was established with the unique vision to become a place where education, research, and treatment combine in studying the problems of addiction. The hallmark of the ASC is the collaborative work of students and faculty in integrating a Christian worldview to address the suffering and consequences brought on by addiction.

Opportunities exist for undergraduate and graduate students to find immersion in providing addiction counseling services with collaborative agencies. These services encompass individual, group, marital, and family counseling under faculty supervision. Students may also be involved in conducting individual or group research with IWU faculty in specific areas of interest. In some instances, allied agencies may contract with the ASC for consultation and research with student participation. Aiding in these efforts is the use of research and statistical tools with faculty supervision. Students are encouraged to disseminate their research in publication or public presentation. The ASC provides the means to explore and offer educational and treatment approaches with practical application in addressing chemical or process addictions, and is a resource in providing speakers and educational presentations for outside agencies' conferences and workshops.

The physical setting of the ASC is a clinic design consisting of a confidential reception, waiting, and office area with adjacent counseling rooms, including rooms for play therapy and group work. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology for in-clinic and off-site supervision of student work. The ASC is a valued part of Indiana Wesleyan University's efforts not only to meet the needs of the local community but also to be a nationally recognized resource for the development of competent future addiction professionals in education, research, and treatment.

For the greater good,

Don P. Osborn

Don P. Osborn
Director and Professor of Graduate Addictions
Director of the IWU Addiction Studies Center

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