Undergraduate Elective Course Descriptions

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Biblical Literature/Religion/Philosophy

Note: 300- and 400-level Bible courses build on knowledge gained from previous Bible courses and on study skills acquired in inductive Bible study courses and are very difficult for elective students.
BIL-301,BIL-302,BIL-303,BIL-304,BIL-402,BIL-404,BIL-410,BIL-412,CNS-312,PHL-282,PHL-283,PHL-391,REL-225,REL-228,REL-232,REL-235,REL-235P,REL-241,REL-264,REL-264P,REL-275,REL-275P,REL-280,REL-355,REL-410,REL-424,REL-455,REL-469, REL-469P,REL-483

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