The members of the Organizational Leadership faculty bring a combination of leadership, teaching ability, and scholarly experience to the classroom and dissertation process. You will learn from professors who have been leaders in business, industry, entrepreneurial companies, higher education, public schools, and nongovernmental organizations. Your experience here will take you far beyond basic leadership theory to implement innovative best practices in your own life and work.

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LaVern Ludden; EdD Professor; Grad Studies Leadership vern.ludden@indwes.edu Department - Organiz Ldrshp Doctorate Division - Graduate Studies Leadership


Dr. Ludden has over 35 years of experience in higher education and educational programs for adults. He currently is professor of Organizational Leadership. He previously served as chair of the doctoral program in Organizational Leadership at IWU for five years and helped develop the first doctorate at the university. He has over 30 years of leadership experience and has been an active leader in ILA, ASTD, and ACPI. He has written 16 books on leadership, entrepreneurship, and career development.

Educational Background:

  • B.A., 1971, Asbury College
  • M.P.A., 1973, Ball State University
  • Ed.D., 1985, Ball State University


Dr. Ludden’s research work in career and workforce development and entrepreneurial leadership is reflected in the 16 books he has written. His current research interest focuses on cognitive processes in leaders including the relationship between worldview and their thoughts and actions. He is studying the concept of wisdom and how its development and application affects leaders and organizations including the use of reflection, deliberation, intuition, courage, and collaboration.

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