Residency & Attendance


Residency for the doctoral program is satisfied by full participation in three one-week onsite residencies in Marion, Indiana. These residencies are five days in length, Monday through Friday. Students are expected to be in attendance throughout the residency and are not allowed an absence from required workshops, events, or class sessions that are scheduled during the residency. Business casual is the expected attire. Students are expected to follow the community lifestyle statement of the university while on campus. This includes refraining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and unethical or illegal activities.

  • Residency I - Orientation to the DNP, Program Week 1
  • Residency II - TENPP proposal defense, approximately Program Week 50
  • Residency III -TENPP defense, approximately Program Week 70

Attendance Policy

The doctoral program is a blend of onsite residencies and interactive online workshops. Students are required to attend all onsite residencies and substantively engage in all interactive, online and prescribed learning activities.  

Three, one week residencies are held on the Marion campus throughout the program.   Residencies will consist of a Monday through Friday schedule and dates will be posted in advance.  Attendance at all residency sessions is mandatory. Transportation to and from campus, lodging and meals are at the student's expense.

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