With a General Studies degree, 20 credit hours of your studies will be in the area of concentration of your choosing. At least nine of these 20 credit hours must be completed at IWU.


Courses with ACC, ADM, BUS, ECO, and MGT prefixes (except ADM-400).


Courses with ENG, WRI, and COM prefixes, as well as MGT-205.

Computer Information Technology

Courses with CIT and BIS prefixes.

Criminal Justice

Courses with CRJ prefixes, as well as SOC-246, PSY-365, and PHE-366.


ECO-300, two or more courses in accounting, one or more courses in human resources (MGT-435 or MGT-490), one or more non-human resources MGT courses, and ADM or BUS courses.

Fine Arts

Courses with ART and FINA prefixes, and foreign language courses.


Courses with HST prefixes, as well as REL-225.

Human Services

Courses with SOC and PSY prefixes, as well as CRJ-268.

Liberal Arts

Courses with BIO, ECO, HST, POL, PSY, PHL, REL, and SOC prefixes.

Life Sciences

Courses with BIO, CHE, and EAR prefixes, as well as PHE-140, PHE-141, PHE-362, and PHE-366, with coursework from at least two separate areas required.


Courses with MKG prefixes, as well as MGT-421.


Courses with MAT prefixes, as well as ADM-320.

Religious Studies

Courses with BIL, REL, and PHL prefixes.

Social Services (25 hours)

  • BIO-106 Environment and Society
  • ECO-205 Basic Economics
  • MAT-112 General Statistics
  • POL-200 State & Local Government & Politics
  • PSY-150 General Psychology
  • SOC-150 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC-152 Social Problems
  • SOC-210 Minority Group Relations
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