Paralegal Studies

About the Program

The Paralegal Studies Program at Indiana Wesleyan University integrates faith and learning in preparing students for entry level positions, in both the public and private sectors of the legal community, by developing their skills in legal researching and writing, and their ability to apply substantive and procedural laws and rules in an ever changing legal environment.

The Associate of Science degree with a major in Paralegal Studies consists of 63 credits of coursework, which includes both paralegal and liberal arts curricula.

The Paralegal Studies degree prepares students for paraprofessional positions in the legal field and will focus on civil and criminal procedure, contracts, torts and estates. Graduates may use their degree to obtain an immediate position in the field or choose to pursue further study. In addition to becoming familiar with basic principles of the law, students will also acquire analytical, technical, and communication skills.


  • Complete the core requirements in 26 months
  • Cohort groups provide mutual support
  • One-time registration
  • Instructors combine academic credentials with professional expertise

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