Admission Requirements

 Proof of standard high school diploma or GED certification. 

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of 62 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. At least 30 credit hours must be earned at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  2. Included within the total of 62 credit hours, 23 credit hours in Liberal Arts as follows:
    • 9 credit hours in Humanities (ENG-242, HST-180, MUS-180, PHL-283).
    • 3 credit hours in Biblical Literature (BIL).
    • 3 credit hours in English Composition (ENG-140 or ENG-141 or the equivalent; must be completed with grade of "C" or better).
    • 3 credit hours in Social Science (ECO, HST, POL, PSY, SOC).
    • 2 credit hours in Physical Education (PHE).
    • 3 credit hours in Science or Math (BIO, EAR, SCI, MAT).
  3. Included within the total of 62 credit hours, 15 credit hours in a concentration, with at least a 2.0 GPA. At least nine of the 15 credit hours must be completed at IWU.
  4. Included within the total of 62 credit hours, two credit hours in required electives: Introductory Seminar (UNV-111) and Liberal Arts Appreciation (UNV-201).
  5. Payment of all tuition and fees.
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