Finding the Perfect Balance: The Dan Kuznik Story

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Dan Kuznik was named Indiana State Teacher of the Year just a few years after completing his Master of Education degree at Indiana Wesleyan University.

At the time, Kuznik had gone back to IWU, studying in the Principal Licensure Program. The Teacher of the Year recognition would be quite an honor for a teacher on any level, but Dan gave the credit to his students. He led an innovative program that paired juniors and seniors with freshmen once a week in order to orient the new students to high school and form year-long mentoring relationships.

The convenience of IWU's weekend classes at the nearby Indianapolis Education Center is what first caught Kuznik's attention. His onsite M.Ed. classes met three times a month and the Principal Licensure Program classes just twice a month, with one or two classes in the summer on weekdays. "I liked the cohort setup with the same students the whole time," he said. The assignments provided valuable material for use in the classroom, which helped Dan as a teacher. He also appreciated the attention his mentors gave when evaluating portfolios of proficiencies he'd mastered. "I was looking to be pushed, to grow," he said. "At IWU, you don't just have a rubber-stamp mentor."

Dan's wife is also a teacher, and as parents of a toddler, they realize the value of a solid life foundation. "The religious element appeals to me; it makes a Christian university preferable," he said. "Being busy, it's easy to get your priorities out of order. Devotionals at the beginning of each class were a constant reminder of what's most important in life."

An Indiana Wesleyan University education helped outstanding teacher Dan Kuznik accomplish his personal and professional goals. Find out more about how our Education Programs can make the attainment of your own goals a reality. 

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