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Bridget Aitchison; DCA Vice Chancellor for Asia-Pacific bridget.aitchison@indwes.edu View Profile
Charles Alcock; MA Asst Prof; Youth Ministries charlie.alcock@indwes.edu View Profile
Mark Alexander; MBA Regional Dean; Online mark.alexander@indwes.edu View Profile
Heather Allen TRIO Scholars Prog Advisor, Aldersgate heather.allen@indwes.edu View Profile
Paul Allison; MFA, PhD Professor; English paul.allison@indwes.edu View Profile
Amy Anderson; DNP, RN, CNE Associate Professor, Nursing amy.anderson@indwes.edu View Profile
Satara Armstrong Associate Professor, SoSL satara.armstrong@indwes.edu View Profile
W Charles Arn Visiting Professor, Seminary charles.arn@indwes.edu View Profile
David Arnold; MA, EdD Associate Professor DoLA david.arnold@indwes.edu View Profile
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