Schools and Divisions

School of Arts and Humanities

The School of Arts and Humanities leads students on an exciting journey that explores the truth and beauty of God's world through language and the arts.

This school consists of four divisions: Art, Communication and Theatre, Modern Language and Literature, and Music. You have the opportunity to work in more than 30 areas of academic emphasis and can distinguish yourself by performing, publishing, presenting and exhibiting in sacred and secular, public and competitive arenas.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Business

As a student in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Business, you'll learn the science and practice of human relationships, and you'll do so from the perspectives of the different disciplines in the divisions and departments within the school.

The School is comprised of four divisions and one department: Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Business, and Graduate Studies in Counseling, and the department of Leadership Studies. While many graduates pursue master's and doctoral studies, others directly enter their professions as accountants, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, lawyers and other legal professionals, government officials, politicians and business leaders.

School of Teacher Education

The mission of the School of Teacher Education is to develop competent teachers who are positive and motivating influences in public and private school classrooms in Indiana, across the country, and around the world.

The School combines rigorous classroom instruction, extensive practice teaching placements in P-12 schools, and a comprehensive assessment system designed to ensure that graduates have developed the competencies that are essential for successful teaching. The result is that you transition into your professional career confident in the knowledge that you are prepared to make a difference in the lives of your students, your colleagues, and your school.

School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning

The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides undergraduates with learning experiences and services that foster faith, integrative learning, virtue, and the discernment of life calling. The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning is home to the following departments and services: Life Coaching, Pre-declared Student Advising, Transfer Advising, Student Transitions, New Student Experience Course, and the Leadership Studies Department.

School of the Physical and Applied Sciences

The School of the Physical and Applied Sciences is a collection of the disciplines that rely on the scientific method as a way to understand the world around us. The school includes the divisions of Natural Sciences (biology, chemistry and physics), Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences, and Health and Human Performance.

Each faculty member in the school is committed to understanding the world God has made as a way to know more about him. We use the tools of science to know more about ourselves and our creator.

School of Theology and Ministry

As a student in the School of Theology and Ministry, you will quickly learn how approachable your professors really are. Faculty impart wisdom and practical knowledge inside the classroom. Many of the School's advanced classes are designed with an interactive model in mind. Theoretical or theological problems are proposed by the professors, and the class session is then structured around discovering the best practical solution for a local church situation.

But learning does not stop once you walk outside the doors of the classroom. We intentionally design the classroom experience as one that will generate not only an encounter with new content, but also fresh approaches to ministry that are linked to larger-than-life questions.