The following professional organizations are associated with our majors. All of our faculty members belong to one or more of these associations:

Academy of Homiletics

The Academy of Homiletics was founded in 1965, and now has a membership of nearly 400. Although of North American origin, their membership spans the world. Membership is open to teachers and doctoral graduate students of homiletics.

American Academy of Religion (AAR)

In a world where religion plays so central a role in social, political and economic events, as well as in the lives of communities and individuals, there is a critical need for ongoing reflection upon and understanding of religious traditions, issues, questions and values. The American Academy of Religion's mission is to promote such reflection through excellence in scholarship and teaching in the field of religion.

The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)

ASOR supports and encourages the study of the peoples and cultures of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. Their main objective is to enable properly qualified persons to pursue biblical, linguistic, archaeological, historical and other kindred studies and researches under more favorable conditions than can be secured at a distance from the Holy Land.

Association of Youth Ministry Educators (AYME)

AYME is a professional organization for those who teach youth ministry at the graduate or undergraduate level. AYME seeks to be an organization that encourages and challenges youth ministry educators, offers opportunities for youth ministry educators to network with each other, and provides an environment to dialogue around the issues significant to youth ministry education.

Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA)

The purpose of the CBA is to promote, within a context of faith, scholarly study in Scripture and related fields by meetings of the association, publications and support to those engaged in such studies.

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

The mission of CCDA is to inspire, train and connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities. It seeks to create holistically restored communities with Christians fully engaged in the process of transformation.

Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE)

CBE is a nonprofit organization of Christian men and women who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all ethnic groups, all economic classes and all age groups, based on the teachings of Scriptures such as Galatians 3:28.

Community Development Society (CDS)

CDS provides leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development. Members have multiple opportunities to learn what's new in the profession, to exchange ideas, to obtain the most current research and reference information available, and to share professional expertise.

Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)

ETS is a professional, academic society of biblical scholars, teachers, pastors, students and others involved in evangelical scholarship. The society seeks to serve Jesus Christ and his church by fostering conservative, evangelical biblical scholarship.

The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts

The Fellowship is composed of Christians involved in creating, supporting and implementing worship in local congregations. It is an affiliate of The United Methodist General Board of Discipleship and serves as a resource for all worship artists.

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada

Founded in 1922, The Hymn Society is for those who believe that congregational song is an integral component of worship, believe that the writing and singing of new texts and tunes needs to be promoted, and value learning about the origins of the words and music they sing.

Institute for Biblical Research (IBR)

IBR is an organization of evangelical Christian scholars with specialties in Old and New Testament and in ancillary disciplines. Its vision is to foster excellence in the pursuit of biblical studies within a faith environment. The achievement of this goal is sought primarily by organizing annual conferences, conducting seminars and workshops, and sponsoring academic publications in the various fields of biblical research. IBR's conferences, seminars and workshops are open to the public and its publications are available for purchase.

North American Patristics Society (NAPS)

NAPS is a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of the history, literature and theology of ancient Christianity. Founded in 1970, the society welcomes a diversity of disciplinary and methodological approaches and invites the participation of scholars at all stages of their careers. The society sponsors an annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, and publishes The Journal of Early Christian Studies.

North American Professors of Christian Education (NAPCE)

NAPCE is an evangelical organization for those who teach Christian education in college and university settings. The organization exists to enhance the international teaching mission of the church through the cultivation of personal and professional growth of professors within the broad field of educational ministries.

Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies is an association of scholars interested in the study of Hinduism, Christianity, and the inter-relations between these two traditions.

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

SBL's mission is to foster biblical scholarship by offering members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth and professional development.

The Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP)

SCP was organized in 1978 to promote fellowship among Christian philosophers and to stimulate study and discussion of issues that arise from their Christian and philosophical commitments. One of its chief aims is to stimulate thinking about the nature and role of Christian commitment in philosophy.

Wesleyan Theological Society (WTS)

The WTS is a growing group of scholars who have joined together to encourage the exchange of ideas among Wesleyan-Holiness theologians; to become a source of ideas and essays for Christian Holiness Partnership seminars; and to stimulate scholarship among younger theologians, pastors and inquiring laity.