Just a few of our exceptional courses

Introduction to Pastoral Ministries

In this course you will explore what it means to be "called" to the ministry and what the day-to-day work of ministry includes. You will discover how God confirms the call and explore topics such as women and ministry; and dating, marriage and ministry. You will look back at how God has had his fingerprints all over your life, then look ahead and develop a plan that will lead to a fulfilling life of ministry. Students simultaneously work under a minister mentor in a local church and meet each week to discuss and reflect on their learning in this actual ministry situation.

Philosophy and Theology of Film

Some might argue we have moved from being a "literate" to a "viderate" culture, given the significant role film plays in introducing philosophical and theological ideas into our society. Participants in this course watch and discuss contemporary films to learn how to spot and assess these important ideas.

Urban and Rural Development Practice

One-third of our world lives in severe poverty, with approximately one million people dwelling in city slums. Since 2000, 23 million Latin Americans have slipped into poverty, and most African countries are poorer today than in the 1970s. This course will help you understand the different expressions of poverty and the strategies used by international, governmental, non-governmental and Christian development agencies to deal with human suffering around the world. It approaches development from the perspective of Christian transformational development and places holistic development squarely within the context of the relationship between us and the world we are called to serve in Jesus' name.

Curriculum Development

You will begin by learning curriculum theory, then engage in a hands-on process where you collaboratively design an actual curriculum product - scope and sequence, teaching strategies, outcomes, graphic design, layout, everything. This product will then be published and sold to local churches. Once you do this as a group, you will work individually on producing your own curriculum as your colleagues and professor respond. When your curriculum is finished, it will be published and sold.

Models of Youth Ministry

In this course you will begin to develop your personal vision and practice of ministry. This will include understanding your spiritual resources for personal and ministry growth. You will survey the foundational and diverse elements of youth ministry and explore the varying dynamics of personal and professional ministry to and with adolescents. This course is taken simultaneously with a practicum that augments the classroom instruction with firsthand observation of youth ministry in a local church setting.