Students from the IWU School of Theology and Ministry graduate to great ministry opportunities. Since those who major in Christian Ministries and Youth Ministries take courses that satisfy the ordination requirements of many denominations, they are able to step immediately into local church leadership - some as senior or solo pastors, others in staff positions such as youth pastors. Graduates of our Children's Ministry, Christian Education and Christian Worship majors have also found great staff positions in churches large, small and in-between.

Some of our graduates serve in para-church organizations, Christian schools and even public school settings. Those who graduate with a degree in International and Community Development have found work in relief and development agencies both here and abroad. We have graduates from our Intercultural Studies major serving as missionaries in the United States and on nearly every continent in the world.

Because of the fine education they receive in the School of Theology and Ministry, our graduates have had great success being admitted to and graduating from highly regarded seminaries and graduate schools. Graduates of the IWU Theology and Ministry programs have learned to honor God with their minds without forgetting the need to serve him with their hands and hearts.