• "My life coach really got me to think about why I want to do what I want to do, and how to figure out how my strengths can work with my passions."
  • "My life coach and coaching process was fantastic. I feel like I understand what makes me work now: how I handle stressful situations and what environments I thrive in."
  • "My life coach was very understanding and helpful. She was able to read me very well, and even though I sometimes feel that I don't have a good understanding of my life calling, she was able to help me keep going. She was good at providing me a plan of action to accomplish now that I am finished with life coaching."
  • "He was easy to talk to and really helped me, and the program really made me look into if the major I chose was really the one for me."
  • "The environment was supportive and stress-free."
  • "God used my life coach in a powerful way in my lifeā€¦I so appreciated her openness and caring spirit. I felt completely at ease with her.."
  • "I loved spending time with [my life coach] throughout the process. She was wonderful in helping me learn about my strengths. It was amazing to talk with [her] because there were areas of my experience that she could relate directly to, and it was comforting to realize that someone else had gone through what I had."