Life Coaching Testimonials

What are students saying?

  • "The conversation strategies that were used really helped me develop my social skills and the (assessments) that I took helped me find a place to start developing my strengths more. Throughout my sessions, I got the sense that my life coach was really interested in what I had to say and really wanted to hear what I was going through. She also went beyond that to help analyze why and to help guide me towards solutions to any problems that I had."
  • "I thought the whole process was extremely beneficial. My life coach listened to me and made the entire process about what I wanted out of the process rather than forcing an agenda on me. He seemed to legitimately care about my life and wanted to do what he could to help me reach my goals."
  • "My coach helped me think outside of the box, and that she helped me get to my goal by taking it step by step, which was extremely helpful."
  • "My life coach was very helpful throughout the life coaching process. He opened my eyes to opportunities that I have and presented me with resources to help me better understand myself. I really appreciated that it was a partnering process. By that, I mean that I liked that I wasn't leading but neither was my life coach. We worked together and he didn't just tell me what I need to do, but rather how I can go about learning more and discovering my life calling."
  • "My life coach cared about me as a unique person and took the time to listen to my concerns, my interests, and my life."
  • "My life coach was able to provide many different helpful resources and information that allowed me to see what kind of person I am and how that relates to careers and my place in the world, as well as God's purpose for my life."
  • "The life coach I had is very intuitive, honest, and easy to talk to. He was able to recognize things in me that I would have never seen and then was able to encourage and congratulate me on those things. The life coaching process turned out to be a more in-depth and beneficial process than I expected."