Life Coaching Roles

Coaching Distinctives:

  • Life coaching is NOT clinical counseling.
  • Life coaching is NOT consulting or advising.
Life Coaching Relationships Model

Life Coaching is...

  • Oriented toward health, wholeness, and potential
  • A journey toward fullness and calling
  • Focused on the future and how to pursue passions and dreams
  • Usually couched in established personal goals and measurable progress toward objectives
  • Focused on present and future performance and effectiveness across a broad range of life issues
  • Often oriented towards promoting good decision-making and gathering of tools that will continue to serve the client in their future endeavors and life objectives
  • Supportive and facilitative in nature

Counseling is...

  • Oriented toward healing & brokenness
  • Restores and maintains stability and functionality
  • Focused on insight regarding the past and how to relieve pain
  • Usually includes a DSM diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Counselor is generally seen as an expert that can provide intervention, insight, and advice that could not be gained without the counselor's help

Consulting is...

  • Focused on present and future success in a specific area of focus (i.e. mastery of a skill, educational/financial planning, etc.)
  • Often oriented toward providing specific steps of action for the client to perform with a confidence that if those steps are followed a definite outcome will result
  • Methodology is directive and authoritative in nature
  • Professional is generally an expert in a narrow field offering advice for achieving a specific need