As division faculty, we hold advanced degrees in our respective disciplines. We are actively engaged in our professions, presenting at conferences across the country and around the world. Our scholarship appears in respected journals and publications.

David Bartley; MA, PhD Professor; History | Div Chair; Social Sciences david.bartley@indwes.edu ViewProfile
David Burden; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History david.burden@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Jonathan Conrad; MA, PhD Professor; Political Science jon.conrad@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Tom Lehman; MA, PhD Professor; Economics tom.lehman@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mark Smith; MAR, MA, PhD Assoc Prof; History mark.a.smith@indwes.edu ViewProfile
James Luttrull; JD Assoc Prof; Criminal Justice jim.luttrull@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Lisa Toland; MA, MSt, PhD Assoc Prof; Humanities & History lisa.toland@indwes.edu ViewProfile