Welcome to the Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Social Sciences. Our division is the home for IWU's degrees in Economics, History, and Political Science. Each of these programs also offers a minor. In addition, the Division offers degrees in International Relations, Political Science Pre-Law, Social Studies and Social Studies Education, and, in coordination with other IWU disciplines, oversees a minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies.

"Becoming a world changer" involves learning about God's world. The Social Sciences division is uniquely positioned to accomplish that task. Our faculty members are ready to prepare the next generation of leaders for public service and professional development. Division programs are maintained on the basis of cutting-edge scholarship and emerging employment markets. Fully engaged in our disciplines, we seek to partner with students while exploring what it means to be Kingdom citizens.

Division Events

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Division News

The 2012 Indiana Regional Conference of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for history, was hosted by the IWU ΑΝΠ chapter on Saturday, March 24. Students and faculty from 16 universities attended, with 41 students presentingresearch.IWUstudentsenjoyedpresentingtheirresearchtoand receiving feedback from IWU faculty as well as other faculty, students, family members and guests. A dozen panels explored a wide range of topics including regional history studies, internationalrelations,warandwar crimes,religiousidentityand reform,civilrights, and art and literature.