Students in the IWU Division of Natural Sciences have the opportunity to not only take classes from expert faculty but also participate in faculty-led undergraduate research. We believe that exposure to real-world problems is an essential part of learning. IWU faculty guide students in exploring God's world using the tools of science.

Our faculty have ongoing projects in the following areas:

  • Immune function during life-threatening disease.
  • Programmed cell death in bone cells as it relates to osteoporosis.
  • Visual processing in the retina.
  • Genomic analysis of bacteria living in extreme environments.
  • Development of molecular tools for studying Tetrahymena thermophila.
  • Community interactions of vertebrate and invertebrate populations.
  • Development of new antimalarial agents.
  • Production of biofuels from algae.
  • Atmospheric gas composition at various altitudes.
  • Drug degradation rates as a function of moisture.
  • Design and synthesis of polymerizable surfactants.
  • Simplification of environmental and forensic analysis methods for academic settings.
  • Neuromuscular synapse formation and regulation of cnidocyte firing.
  • Development of sustainable agriculture methods.