The faculty in the IWU Division of Music have performed all over the nation and the world while maintaining "first things first" (Matt. 6:33). IWU's Music faculty participate in the activities of various professional organizations to stay current in their field. They all have advanced degrees in performance in addition to a zeal for teaching and mentoring the next generation of professional performers to reflect the glory of the Creator of Music from every stage or venue to which he calls them. 

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Keith Brautigam; MM, DM Professor; Music keith.brautigam@indwes.edu View Profile
Lisa Dawson; MM, DA Prof. Music lisa.dawson@indwes.edu View Profile
J. Michael Dennis;M, DWS Asst Prof; Church Music michael.dennis@indwes.edu View Profile
Michael Flanagin; MA Asst Prof; Music michael.flanagin@indwes.edu View Profile
Todd W Guy; MM, DA Professor; Music | Chair; Division of Music todd.guy@indwes.edu View Profile
Tammie Huntington; MM, DA Asst Prof; Music tammie.huntington@indwes.edu View Profile
Chris Lessly; MMEd PhD Professor; Music chris.lessly@indwes.edu View Profile
Jess Munoz; D.M.A. Assoc. Prof. Music jess.munoz@indwes.edu View Profile
Phoenix Park-Kim; MM, DMA Prof. Music | Coordinator; Accompanists phoenix.park-kim@indwes.edu View Profile
Eunice Rickey; MA, DA Professor; Music euni.rickey@indwes.edu View Profile
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