Following are some of the courses enjoyed by Modern Language and Literature students at Indiana Wesleyan University:

SPA-370 - Hispanic Culture and Language Studies

This travel course, required of all Spanish majors, provides students with firsthand experience of Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. While students can choose a variety of ways to fulfill this requirement, many travel to Sevilla, Spain, to take courses through both IWU and our sister school, Trinity Christian University. Students study in Sevilla and travel to other Spanish cities, such as Granada and Cordoba, to experience the rich mixture of the Jewish, Moorish and Catholic cultures that make up southern Spain.

TSL-385 - Practicum in TESOL

TESOL majors have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills while observing seasoned English language teachers at an overseas location during Summer term. Past locations have included Brno, Czech Republic, and Skopje, Macedonia.

ENG-239 - Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture

Nineteenth-century British literature and culture comes alive through an exciting, educational travel experience to important literary locations that may include Scotland, the Lake District, Bronte and Austin country, Bath, and London.

WRI-368 - Travel Writing Course

Students travel to and write about the exciting cities of Dublin, Galway, Belfast, and Derry, Ireland, and they tour many of the historic sites.