In recent years, the IWU Math Department has taken students to a number of regional and national conferences, including the Joint Meetings of the AMS/MAA. These meetings, held annually in January, comprise the largest mathematical event in the nation. Students Tyler Cooper, Tyler Carrico, and Nick Fast accompanied Dr. Royer to the Joint Meetings of the AMS/MAA in Boston in January 2012. At the meetings, mathematics major Tyler Carrico presented a poster entitled 'The Probability of Randomly Generating Finite Abelian Groups,' which was an independent research project he did under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Kiteck. Computer Information Systems major Ben Bagley won the best student poster at the 2012 IWU Celebration of Scholarship for his poster on a Microsoft Kinect Vision project. After returning to IWU, they gave several presentations in the Mathematics Department Colloquium.

With the IWU Division of Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences, your education will not end at the completion of a course or graduation from the major. We encourage our students to engage in memberships with professional organizations and in this way create opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom and beyond the University. We invite you to consider joining one of the organizations below as a supplement to your coursework. The benefits of this activity will be a great catalyst to your education and career.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The IWU Computer Information Sciences Department formed a local chapter of the ACM in 2002. Chapter activities include refurbishing donated used computers and providing them to local nonprofit agencies, working with the faculty to administer the CIS Majors lab, and hosting pizza parties to which CIS alumni often return to interact with current students. The officers manage a small budget provided by the Student Government Association.

Mathematical Academia Consortium (MAC)

Open to all math majors since 2005, the MAC offers both professional development and social opportunities. The officers host an annual formal banquet at which new members are inducted. Activities have included department chapels, working with the faculty to arrange travel for interested students to a regional undergraduate math conference, miniature golf competition fundraisers, and sponsoring an ongoing local math challenge problem contest. The officers manage a small budget provided by the Student Government Association.