The IWU Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences faculty provide a supportive, Christ-centered community that offers engaging experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Courses for our programs are taught by professors who hold Ph.D.s. These gifted instructors also meet individually with students, host social events in their homes, support student clubs, host guest lecturers and departmental colloquia where students and faculty present on advanced topics, provide opportunities for students to participate in math competitions, present at professional conferences, are active in professional organizations, and much more.

David Boyajian; PhD, MS Visiting Professor of Mathematics david.boyajian@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Joe Hoffert; MS, PhD Asst Prof; Computer Information Systems joe.hoffert@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Daniel Kiteck; MA, PhD Assoc. Prof. Mathematics daniel.kiteck@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Melissa Lindsey; PhD Asst Prof; Mathematics melissa.lindsey@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Robert Mallison; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Mathematics bob.mallison@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Daniel Neumann; MA, PhD Asst Prof; Computer & Info Sciences daniel.neumann@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Melvin Royer; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Mathematics | Chair; Div of Math, Comp & Info Sciences melvin.royer@indwes.edu ViewProfile