Facilities and Equipment

The Division of Mathematics and Computer Information Science moved into the ground floor of the new Ott Hall of Science and Nursing in Summer 2014.  The classrooms and labs are being equipped to begin instruction for the Fall 2014 semester and feature the following:
  • OHSN 182 -- CIS Networks Lab
    The Networks Lab contains 12 Mac Mini computers, 2 high-end Mac Pro workstations, a 3-D printer, 3 programmable Lego Mindstorm robots, high speed internet connections, and various tablet computing devices.  With its advanced hardware, it serves as the location for various computer science classes including those in network security and data communications.
  • OHSN 180 -- Majors Lab
    The Majors Lab contains 6 PC's and serves as a CIS classroom as needed, but its main function is as collaboration and project space.  Movable furniture allows the room to rapidly be configured to whatever seating arrangement best suits the need.
  • OHSN 163 -- Math Modeling Lab
    The Modeling Lab contains PC workstations around the perimeter with movable furniture in the interior allowing a variety of modes of learning.  An ADInstruments PowerLab allows electronic capture of various human physiology measurements, while manual measurements can be taken with a variety of more traditional science equipment.  This data forms the basis for projects in which students develop mathematical descriptions of real world data.

  •  OHSN 155/157 -- Computer Classrooms
    The Computer Classrooms have networked laptops at the student seats, which are movable, with three walls of writing surface.  Each room has both a large display projector and a smaller interactive "smartscreen" projector. 

  •  OHSN 151/153 -- General Purpose Classrooms
    The General Classrooms feature movable furniture, allowing different types of learning arrangements.  Three walls of writing surface, a large display projector, and two smaller interactive "smartscreen" projectors make it easy for users to present data in various ways.  The projectors can connect to both instructor and student computers.
  •  OHSN 183 -- Server Room
    This small room serves as a data closet housing the 4 Dell servers for the CIS Department.  The servers can be accessed from the Networks and Majors Labs and offer a variety of Windows and Linux environments.  They host several websites as well as serving as a "sandbox" for faculty and student to experiment with network and web development.
  • OHSN 170 -- Office Suite
    Faculty offices are located in this suite immediately adjacent to the classroom and labs.  The suite also features study and collaboration space immediately outside the offices to encourage faculty/student interaction.