I am currently teaching 7th grade math at Westfield Middle School in a community just north of Indianapolis. I love teaching. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the opportunity I have to teach what I love and fulfill God’s purpose for my life. I was created to be a math teacher and when I teach I feel pleasure in knowing that I am doing what God made me to do. The math professors trained and molded me both intellectually and spiritually into the teacher I am today.

I owe a special dept of gratitude to the IWU math department for a recent grant I received to travel throughout Asia this summer. My senior seminar thesis was based on international achievement in mathematics. I recently took the research I had used for my senior project and transformed it into a grant proposal that was accepted and funded by the Eli Lilly Foundation. The grant allowed me to travel to 7 different Asian countries over the past two months. During this time I interviewed numerous teachers, visited several schools and completed the research I started 5 years ago. This opportunity would not have been possible without the guidance of my IWU math professors and their dedication to pushing me to achieve my fullest potential.

 -- Kelly Day, Mathematics Education 2009



I completed my Master's of Science in Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC) in the Spring of 2013 and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at USC under Professor Wei-Min Shen, a pioneer in the field of self-reconfigurable and intelligent robotics. Our lab, the Polymorphic Robotics Lab (http://isi.edu/robots), is part of USC's Information Sciences Institute. I am currently researching ways in which robots can learn to exploit their environments to solve complex problems as well as efficient strategies for finding near-optimal robotic policies in extremely high-dimensional search spaces.

The computer science and software engineering education I received at Indiana Wesleyan University prepared me well to pursue an advanced degree in computer science at a major university. In terms of theoretical knowledge, programming skills and mathematics, I found myself on an equal footing with the hundreds of other graduate students (from all over the world) who entered USC's computer science program with me. I attribute my success to the high-quality, highly personal learning experience I received from the faculty and staff of IWU's Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences Division. It is difficult to overstate how important direct and frequent interaction with professors is to one's educational development.  IWU offers this personalized attention via small class sizes and accessible professors who genuinely care about ensuring that their students learn the fundamentals of their field.

-- T.J. Collins, Computer Software Engineering 2011