Welcome, prospective IWU students, to the Division of Health and Human Performance. We are pleased to share this information with you as you plan your educational and career path and endeavor to follow God's call upon your life.

If you desire to experience a supportive Christian academic community that includes both seasoned and young, upcoming professors, then Indiana Wesleyan University is the place for you. We invite you to experience IWU and become engaged in spiritual growth, leadership development, character shaping and scholarly endeavors.

In the Division of Health and Human Performance, we seek to impact all aspects of the whole person - providing opportunities for neuromuscular skills development, organic and physical fitness, intellectual advancement, the accumulation and interpretation of knowledge, social relationships, emotional health, and spiritual growth and enhancement. We believe that God created you as a whole person and that we should minister to you while keeping each of these components in mind.

Enjoy your time on our website, and may God bless you!