Students in the IWU DeVoe Division of Business gain valuable learning, reasoning and communication skills that equip them to succeed in the business world and in all areas of life.

Stacy Mathis

Graduation year: 2008
Majors: Accounting and Finance
Current job: Senior Trust Accountant at CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited

The IWU professors stressed over and over again, no matter where you end up in your career, to always work with integrity, whether you are the staff or the boss. The business program added value to me by encouraging me to allow God to direct my career wherever…including Grand Cayman! In making the decision to move, I had a confidence in my skill set that was built and rooted in a foundation set by the IWU business program.

I’m so very blessed to have had such great professors and advisers who really cared and shared in joys and successes in my career development!

Lathan Fritz

Graduation year: 2009
Majors: Management
Graduated with a J.D. (IU-Bloomington) in 2012
Current job: President | Founder of HoosierWeb SEO & Gibborim FX International.

The thing that I appreciated most about attending IWU was the relationships I developed with the students and professors who became my closest friends and mentors. It was those people who were there for me during a period in my life that I had lot of questions and doubts of what to do with my future. Yet, through my friends and professors guidance, I was able to mature physically, emotionally, and (more importantly) spiritually in both my personal and professional life that directed me on a path of excitement and meaning.  I do not believe I would have been able to grow into the person I have become today without my IWU experience, and for that I will be forever and always grateful for my time at IWU.

Student Organizations

At IWU, Business students experience an education that does not end at the completion of a course or graduation from the major. We encourage our students to engage in memberships with professional organizations and in this way create opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom and beyond the University.

Indiana Wesleyan University Community of Accountants (IWUCA)

The purpose of the IWUCA is to supplement classroom learning by helping students to apply the accounting and finance knowledge they have acquired in the classroom and pass that knowledge and experience on to the next generation of students. Students cooperate in a fun-filled learning environment as they seek to master those things that will prepare them for the great profession of accounting.

Networking S ervice ProjectsS ocial Events

 NSS is a student led group whose goal is to provide a unified body of all IWU DeVoe Division of Business students in efforts to enhance the quality and depth of the educational experience at Indiana Wesleyan University. Through progressive communication with the university, corporate world, and community, the association will endeavor to provide a channel through which its members may achieve their academic and professional objectives of:

- Networking with business leaders

- Professional Socializing with colleagues in the Division

- Service Projects in the community

Our mission is to accomplish our fiduciary responsibility of enhancing the community and creating the best experience possible for current students, prospective students, and alumni associated with the DeVoe Division of Business.