At IWU, Behavioral Sciences students experience an education that does not end at the completion of a course or graduation from the major. We encourage our students to engage in memberships with professional organizations and take advantage of opportunities to continue learning outside the classrooms and beyond the University.

Our graduates are thoroughly prepared for professional and personal success as world changers. Abby Matchette, IWU Social Work and Addictions Counseling graduate, is a wilderness therapist in Canada. She also presented at the National Experiential Therapist Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in the spring of 2010 and has been invited back to assist in some writings that focus on experiential therapy.


Psychology Club

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to create community by connecting Psychology majors and friends together for fun and fellowship. The club also does outreach by compassionately touching the Marion community with the love of Christ and serving them in a meaningful manner. Members strive for academic development by pushing each other to pursue academic excellence to become competent in the psychology field. Many opportunities are provided for friendship, fellowship and fun while engaging in planned meetings and events.