School of Service and Leadership

The mission of Indiana Wesleyan University is to prepare students to become world changers by developing them in character, scholarship and leadership. Through the IWU School of Service and Leadership, we offer a variety of Adult Education Programs to help you meet your own personal and professional goals:

Addictions Counseling

Our Bachelor of Science - Addictions Counseling program provides an in-depth education from a Christian perspective for persons who desire to understand and/or serve addicted persons and their families.

Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work Degree prepares students for basic generalist social work practice, and Advanced Standing status into a CSWE accredited Masters of Social Work Program. Students learn how social systems impact individuals, families and communities through real world scenarios and field experiences.

Human Services

Through our Bachelor of Science - Human Services program, you can build a foundation of knowledge for helping people who are facing significant life challenges.

Criminal Justice

Our Associate of Science - Criminal Justice program will increase your communication skills, your understanding of the problems facing criminal justice officials, and your understanding of the important field of Homeland Security. Our Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice program is designed to open opportunities and positions of leadership to those desiring to make this world a safer and more secure place for their fellow citizens.


Our Associate of Science - Christian Ministries program prepares students to undertake entry-level ministry positions in churches and para-church organizations. Our Bachelor of Science - Biblical Studies program prepares students for more advanced ministry work.


Our Master of Arts - Organizational Leadership prepares students to describe leadership theories and explain how they guide the practice of organizational leadership; understand and practice authenticity and integrity as a part of their character and leadership; and synthesize knowledge about the foundational concepts of wisdom, followership and stewardship as it applies to leadership. The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership - provides an advanced graduate education for students seeking academic positions in research and teaching at leading universities, and for those seeking leadership opportunities in corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, health care, faith-based institutions, government, and nonprofit organizations. This program is designed for working adults who have the intellectual capacity for advanced study, who thrive on the challenge of self-directed learning and who desire to master the discipline of organizational leadership.

General Studies

Our Associate of Science - General Studies and Bachelor of Science - General Studies programs allow you to transfer in courses taken at other institutions, choose from numerous concentrations or create one of your own, and complete courses convenient to your schedule and location. 

Public Affairs

The Master of Public Affairs prepares students to assume leadership and management roles in local, state and federal levels of government, and similar roles in community-based, nonprofit organizations. The curriculum emphasizes skills needed for ethical and efficient public management - including planning, policy analysis and decision-making - that best represents and promotes the public interest.


Our certificate programs in Communications, Criminal Justice, General Studies, Human Services, Parish Nursing and Religious Studies can enhance the value of your degree and distinguish you from others in your workplace or employment market.


Our offering of undergraduate electives can help you get the additional credits you need to graduate, prepare you to begin one of our accelerated degree programs, or allow you to take a few courses for personal growth or skill development.

Is God leading you to further your education? We can help you make it happen.