Student Outcomes

Retention Rate

The retention rate is the percentage of students entering one fall who are still enrolled the following fall. The retention rate population for federal reporting purposes is carefully defined as new college students (first-time freshmen) enrolled in bachelor's degree programs. In the fall of 2008, IWU enrolled 882 full-time, first-time bachelor's freshmen and seven part-time, first-time bachelor's freshmen. Of these, 679 and six students, respectively, were still enrolled during the fall of 2009. This yields federal reporting retention rates of:

  • Full-time, first-time bachelor's cohort retention = 77%
  • Part-time, first-time bachelor's cohort retention = 86%

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates measure the percentage of entering first-time freshmen who complete their degree programs in a given window of time. The federal standard reference is 150% time: three years for associate degree programs and six years for bachelor's degree programs. The results are averaged over four annual groups of new students. By the federal formula, the IWU graduation rate is:

  • Four-year average Student-Right-to-Know completion or graduation rate calculation (total completers within 150%/Adjusted Cohort) = 66%

Because of the six-year window and the four-year average, the federally calculated graduation rate reflects the experience of students who began their college careers as much as nine years ago. The annual details of graduation rates for IWU traditional bachelor's degree students, showing steady improvement through time, are in the Table of Traditional Bachelor's Graduation Rates.

Our most recent six-year graduation rates for incoming first-time freshmen groups according to types of financial aid received are as follows:

  • Students receiving federal Pell grants = 68%
  • Students not receiving Pell grants but receiving subsidized Stafford loans = 70%
  • Students receiving neither Pell grants nor subsidized Stafford loans = 62%
  • Students receiving athletically related student aid = 80%

The following charts disaggregate graduation rates by gender and ethnicity:

Bachelor's Degree 6-yr Graduation Rates Table 1

Bachelor's Degree 6-yr Graduation Rates Table 2

Graduation rate details for various subgroups of bachelor's degree first-time freshmen are available through the links in the table below.

Subgroup Graduation Rate Details
All View Details
Female View Details
Male View Details
Ethnic Minority View Details
Asian or Pacific Islander View Details
American Indian / Alaska Native View Details
Black, Non-Hispanic View Details
Caucasian View Details
Hispanic View Details

Graduation rates for student athletes are included in the Prospective Athlete Report.


Transfer-out Rate

The transfer-out rate is the percentage of first-time freshmen who enroll at a two-year school and then ultimately transfer to a four-year school to complete their bachelor's degree. Because IWU is not a two-year school and because preparing students for transfer to other institutions is not part of our institutional mission, we neither track nor report the transfer-out rate for all students nor for students receiving athletically related student aid.


Placement Rate

Because the IWU mission is educational as opposed to job training, IWU does not place students in jobs and does not calculate or advertise placement rates as trade schools do. While IWU does not guarantee employment, our graduates certainly have success in finding employment and in pursuing further educational opportunities. The After Graduation document shares information regarding the employment and educational pursuits of IWU graduates.