President's Executive Council

The members of the President's Executive Council are a committed group of gifted leaders. They share a strong calling to Christian higher education as well as a sincere desire to guide the University through collaborative processes.
  • Dr. David Wright

    Dr. David Wright

  • Mrs. Audrey Hahn

    Mrs. Audrey Hahn

    CEO for Non-Residential Education and Executive Vice President
  • diane.mcdaniel

    Mrs. Diane McDaniel

    Vice President for Multicultural Enrichment and Employee Development
  • Keith Newman

    Dr. Keith Newman

    CEO Residential Education and Executive Vice President
  • Dr. Wayne Schmidt

    Dr. Wayne Schmidt

    Vice President, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Nancy Schoonmaker

    Mrs. Nancy Schoonmaker

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • don.sprowl

    Dr. Don Sprowl

    Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Brian Gardner

    Dr. Brian Gardner

    Vice President for University Advancement